The Trust

Trust Sponsorship

The Georgia Community Trust, the only community trust available to all residents in the State of Georgia, was founded and sponsored by Ridgeview Institute, Inc, and Naples FL search engine optimization a nonprofit hospital. The Trust is managed by its board of trustees. The Trust is a not-for-profit entity and Robert M. Fink, Founder and Chairman of Ridgeview Institute, serves as the executive director. Mr. Fink is a past president of the Mental Health Association of Metropolitan Atlanta, former partner in the law firm of Troutman Sanders and former partner in the national accounting firm of Coopers & Lybrand.

Why the Trust was Established

The Georgia Community Trust was established to assist families in their planning to provide financial assistance to a family member with a disability.

Individuals receiving SSI and Medicaid are limited as to the amount of income they may receive and the amount of assets they may own.

Assets transferred to the Trust and earmarked for the intended beneficiary, are not considered assets of the beneficiary for the purposes of SSI and Medicaid.

Qualified Beneficiaries

An eligible beneficiary is a person with a disability as determined for the purposes of SSI and Medicaid.